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In 2009, I was asked by Bro. Kyle to come to Red River Bible Camp and hear God’s men preach His Lord…  In my (time) there, I have never heard one sermon that did not in some way speak to my heart. These are truly men of God. One of the greatest needs in America is a place for God’s people to be rekindled….The impact this camp has had on my life has exceeded that of any other Bible conference I have attended and I look forward to the things God will do in these next years to come.

 Kervin McManus
Oklahoma City, OK

I can’t say enough about the Back to Bethel Camp Meeting.  It’s old time preaching and singing at its finest.  I wish it were more than once a year.

 John Wylie
Springer Missionary Baptist Church
Springer, OK

“I’ve been to many Bible Camps/Conferences through the years, and you will not find better, more uplifting, more challenging, preaching than the Red River Valley Bible Camp every Summer. For the past two years, I’ve been privileged to be on the program and to listen to messages from some of God’s choicest preachers. I leave with my cup full! Every pastor will benefit from this Camp. Don’t miss it!”

David L. Allen
Dean, School of Theology
Professor of Preaching
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

I will never forget the first time my wife and I attended the Red River Valley Bible Camp.  Bro. Billy and Mrs. Paige Bridges invited us to come, and paid our way to do so.  We were in college at East Texas Baptist University, and I was pastoring a church in Waskom, Texas at the time.  We had no idea as we wound our way up to Paris, and then wound our way out to what seemed the middle of nowhere to find the campground, that this piece of property would become one of our most cherished spots on earth.  We heard such preaching and singing that we thought we were in the vestibule of Heaven.  The Spirit of the Lord was manifestly among us as the days of that Camp went by.  From that 1986 Conference to this day, nothing holds more precious memories for us than the Red River Valley Bible Camp.  Every Conference through the years has been a Bethel experience for us.  Bro. Ralph Gossett, Bro. Billy Bridges and Bro. Don Page continue to be my heroes in the faith.  How these men (and their wives) impacted my wife and me, and still do.  And how thrilled we are that the Camp Meeting ministry is reborn with a fresh commitment to keep a place available to saints of God to come aside and bask in the presence of the Lord and feast on His Word.  These are days of spiritual darkness, where much of the focus of “ministry” is on changing methodologies to make the gospel seem more “relevant” and attractive to a post-modern world.  Thank God for a  Camp Meeting that stills stand for the old landmarks of the faith.  “Preaching, praying, singing, shouting–I like the old time way!”

Malcom Ellis
Colmesneil, TX